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How to be lucky and attract money in 2022

6 steps that can help you become lucky today

I know you are reading this and thinking that this year was off to a rough start. Inflation, rising gas prices, downsizing, falling prices of stocks and cryptocurrencies, and all the other economic bad news is just unavoidable and everyone is feeling the crunch. With this, you cannot avoid to feel unlucky and simply unable to make a good break. While it may seem this way, you don't have to keep yourself locked in this mindset and situation. Here are 6 steps I recommend you start today to be lucky and to attract money and wealth in the remaining months of 2022:

1. Stop obsessing over bad news

We all know it, things are not so good these past couple of years. However, keeping tabs on all the negative things going on all over the world 24/7 won't help you in your personal situation. You are simply rationalizing what is going on with you and your current status in life and wealth. If you really need to keep updated, don't overdo it and focus your energy instead in improving yourself and your wealth situation.

2. Be open to opportunity

Once you remove yourself from constant negative information, the universe opens you up to things that you may not have noticed before. You may start getting chance encounters with people you have not met in a long time, a business proposal you once thought a waste of time suddenly becomes more appealing, or a sudden desire to do something not necessarily income generating beckons you to act. While it is always wise to be cautious, as sometimes people or situations take advantage of your naivety, don't lock yourself away just because someone or something needs something from you. Lucrative opportunities don't often present themselves in obvious packages. Digest all the things happening to you with respect-- the universe sometimes works in mysterious ways.

3. Find out what you really want

It's easy to say that you just want to "earn more money" or "acquire a safety net to do things I really want", but sometimes we approach wealth by putting the cart before the horse. To have a sustainable income, one must do sustainable things. Not everyone is going to get their dream career, this is understandable. But one must also be open to build themselves up to the ideal, and sometimes it involves doing hard things that don't seem obvious. Learning a new skill, exploring unorthodox ways, or even listening to people you don't normally listen to are some of the ways to achieve those goals. Find out what you want to do and just do it. Don't short change yourself just because the end result looks daunting or impossible.

4. Keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals

Oftentimes you set yourself to achieve things, but it's hard to actually do them. Most of the time, people are just not motivated enough to go the extra mile. If you see yourself setting so many goals but achieving little or none, maybe you spread yourself too thinly. Set goals on a daily basis that are realistic and achievable. Take note of the progress you are doing. Talk about these achievements with friends or likeminded people. These things help you keep grounded and on track.

5. Hone your intuition

As you keep working on the same things to achieve what you want in your life, you get a sixth sense in what you are doing. What makes humans better than machines is that we are intuitive and are able to achieve more sometimes by doing less. Practice makes perfect, but always let yourself discover new ways to do old things.

6. Visualize your ideal self and situation

Once you are on your way to what you want, exercise visualization of when you reach your destination. You will find that giving yourself an ideal to strive for not only motivates and inspires you, but also have the reverse effect of keeping you grounded. There's always a lot of things you still need to do, but don't be afraid you won't get them right away. All good things take time, and realizing that, you can forgive yourself for all the shortcomings you might have but you can take solace in the fact that it's all part of your personal journey.

Challenging times are opportunities to prove yourself

We always create our own luck. The journey makes the destination all the more satisfying. Once you see that hardships have silver linings, you are well on your way to make yourself the luckiest person you could ever be. Stop trying and just do it.


I wish you the best
in your endeavors.

Lucky Many writes about things that will help one become a lucky person. 

Be Lucky.

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